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Academic Profile

I am a sociologist contributing to the fields of Health, Sport, and Education through the following three areas:

1. Chinese Diasporas 

The first area is to build and connect the findings of Chinese diasporas particularly in the areas of social inclusion, citizenship and migration, and race relations to Health, and Physical Cultures especially in the fields of mental wellbeing, and physical activity engagement. This focus meets the need of a lack of sociological imagination of Chinese diaspora communities in health and physical cultures in Anglophone countries. I have made original and sustained contributions to my internationally-situated research program, “Rethinking Health Experiences and Active Lifestyles: Chinese Communities” REHEAL-C. Together with international collaborators, I have advanced empirical and theoretical knowledge which aims to enhance an understanding of Chinese people’s experiences in health, sport and physical cultures and the nation’s capacity to promote active, healthy and inclusive citizens in an increasingly ethnic and culturally diverse environment. 


2. Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

The second area aims to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in Sport and Physical Education. My approach focuses on problematising knowledge construction and working towards epistemic equality (e.g. How do we know what we know?) and critically engaging in the pitfalls of Enlightenment thinking and the neglect of subjectivity and embodiment. Related to my everyday teaching, I explore ways of cultivating greater responsiveness among teachers and students in higher education settings through reflective practices based on e.g. strengths-based approaches, a heuristic of differences model, trans-local learning, and post-monolingual education. 

3. Creative Research Methods

The third area focuses on the relationship between creative 

research methods / artworks and health experiences with vulnerable and resilient people. This work is grounded in embodied knowing through increasing insights into the trajectories and complexities of ‘truth’ and life, personal and social knowledge, and evoking memories and generating meanings conducive to ethical relational engagement. Creative research methods include: arts-based research, research using digital technology, and transformative research frameworks such as decolonising methodologies, participatory research, and autoethnography. This work aims to reach the broader communities in promoting thinking and dialogues that raise consciousness about emotions and subjectivities, diversity and inclusion, and the need for change in health and physical cultures.


Indicators of Esteem:

I am a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Research Fellow (2019–2020), AIESEP Young Scholar (2011) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). I am an editorial board member of Sport, Education and Society, and an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society in Western Sydney University.



I am a named investigator on research funding (> £400,000) from the European Union Horizon 2020 Scheme, Australian Research Grant Council, philanthropic donations, Western Sydney University Research Funding Schemes, and University of Bath Public Engagement Funds.

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 15.39.27.png

Credit to Yinghua Yu (Western Sydney University, ICS/TASA (MEM))

Exploring British Chineseness in Health related Experiences: 

Thinking Locally and Globally

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 15.50.51.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 15.36.11.png

Credit to Dr Rosie Welsh (Monash University)

Promoting Diversity in PETE: Chinese-Australians and Inclusion 

Credit to Leeds Beckett University, School of Sport (CarnegieXChange seminar series)

Rethinking Health Experiences and Active Lifestyles: Chinese students in the UK

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 16.31.48.png

Credit to Leeds Beckett University, School of Sport (CarnegieXChange seminar series) British Chineseness in Health and Physical Cultures:

where are we now and where are we heading?

Credit to Dr Shrehan Lynch (University of East London)

Women Series



The University of Queensland


(Thesis: Moving Across East and West: Physical Activity, Health and Physical Education and School Sport in the Lives of Chinese Young People in Australia)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


(Thesis: Parental Socialisation and Children's Physical Activity Participation) 

BEd (Hons)

Major: Sports Science and Physical Education

Minor: Business Administration


University of Sydney

Master in Cultural Studies


The University of Edinburgh

PG Dip in Global Health (Non-Communicable Diseases)

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